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Baton Aluminio Annidizato/sold
A custom made baton. Handle : Aluminium Stift :Fiber Finish handle; annodized {geannodiseerd}  Facet: the stift is placed in a Ebbenwood fac.. Lees meer
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Model Bernard Haitink  / SOLD
An exact copy after the original baton of Maestro Haitink,wich i had in my atelier for quit a time. [thx to mr Wout Claessens and mr Bart Cl.. Lees meer
model Bottesini  Sold
Cocobolo Wood Fiber stift Sterling Silver mounted Finish: Polished  A distinguished baton options :  laquered handlle 16 inches nb Maetsro .. Lees meer
model Cosima
A baton made in the old tradition. 14,5 inches/37 cm Handle tropical hardwood Stift European Birchwood neutral balance lightweight finish:Sh.. Lees meer
Model Gianni //    SOLD
A classic baton. Handlle made of beautifull flamed exotic wood. Stift made of Birchwood. L baton 16 inches wide handlle 19 mm L handlle  67 .. Lees meer
model Gullia Sold
Model Gullia is a handcrafted baton,made of two different wood species. The stift is made of European Birch,the handle is made of tropical h.. Lees meer
Model Maestro Hans Leenders  /SOLD
Maestro Hans Leenders asked me to make a custom baton for his directing uses. The Maestro was looking for a very special baton,with a Fiber .. Lees meer
model modeste { sold to a client in New Taipeh City,Taiwan}
The Modeste model is a chique baton. Light in weigt. Superb handling. Stift; carbon Handle; tropic hardwood finish:  wax 16 inches .. Lees meer
Model Norbert Nozy / SOLD
Maestro Nozy asked me to make a custom baton for him. This model is a copy,simular to the ones i builded for him. A thrue souvereign baton. .. Lees meer
Royal Baton
This baton is designed especially for the inaugaration of his majesty King Willem- Alexander off The Netherlands. By order off the Roal Mili.. Lees meer
Salieri exclusive  SOLD
SALIERI EXCLUSIVE  A custom baton as in the old days. Comes with a black graphite stift. On the photo you can se 2 Salieri exlusive models... Lees meer
Model Maestro Tijmen Botma
This custom baton is made for Major Tijmen Botma,chef dirigent for the KMKJWF- THE ROYAL MILITARY BAND OF THE DUTCH ARMED FORCES. The wood f.. Lees meer