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model Arno / Sold.


the Arno model is dedicated to my old army/music friend and colluege Adjudant Arno Beerts,alias The Baron..
Arno was an oustanding musician{saxofoon} off the Johan Willem Friso Kapel and later the KMKJWF
Besides his military music occupations he was a respected conductor and authority in the Egelander and Bomische musikscene.he achieved great sucesses with his Postjagers from the city off Groningen.
Sadly Arno past away two years after his retieremend,after a gala concert in theather De Oosterpoort conducting his beloved Postjagers. 
Arno was a Bourgondier concerning the good things off live,he loved a good meal and a good pint off beer,and you could see it on him..
Therefore the Arno model is a sturdy baton with a bit off belly...just like" The Baron"

On the foto you can see Arno touring with the KMKJWF in Qeubec Canada,i believe this was his last tour beeing a KMKJWF musician.

NB this model is sold,and therefore not availeble  at the moment
if you would like to order this model,please contact me..