Wachtwoord vergeten

Model Bernard Haitink / SOLD


An exact copy of the original baton of Maestro Haitink,wich i had in my atelier for a while
thanks to mr Wout Claessens{royal marine band of the Dutch navy}
The brother of mr Claessens plays in the Royal concertgebouw orchestra as solotromboneplayer.
One day maestro Haitink forgot his baton after a rehearsel,and it was found by mr Claessens,
Mr Claessens phoned the maestro and told him that he had found the baton,Haitnk replied"indeed,now you mentio it,i totaly forgot it,you know  what  ...i give it to you as a thanks...

a fine baton,leight in weight,fine handling.excelent balance.
L baton 16 inches
wide handlle 28 mm
weight 21 gram