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Model Norbert Nozy / SOLD

NN 1

Maestro Nozy asked me to build two custom batons after his desires.
This is a copy of the original batons ive build for him.
The model is shaped a bit  like a Salieri Souvereign model. 
The handle is turned out of absolutely faboulus Surinam Snakewood,also called letterwood.
This name comes from the simular pattern of a snake,as you can see on the photo,s.
I imported this asthonishing wood from Surinam.
Snakewood is also used in the buildingproces of bows for cello and doubllebass,but only 
in the so called "gold" models.The top of the line ,so to speak.
L Baton 16 inches
L handlle 2,5 inches/ 6 cm
wide handlle 23 mm
weight baton 17 gram

Carbon stift
great handling an balance.
Option ;laserengraving a name ore initials.

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