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€ 115,00

Baton Aluminio Annidizato/sold
115EUROp voorraad
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A custom made baton.
Handle : Aluminium
Stift :Fiber
Finish handle; annodized {geannodiseerd} 
Facet: the stift is placed in a Ebbenwood facet.
Messing facet in the backside of the aluminium handle.
Optie :laserengraving name ,initials,ore text in the handle.

This baton is made for master in music maestro Jos Peperkamp {Suisse}

NB : I have on aluminium handle in stock,with a black delrin ring turned in the handle for extra grip
a laserengraving is possible,a stift according to your personal wishes can be mounted.
You can chooce between a messing facet for the backsite of the handle,ore a black Delrin facet for the backside of the hanle.
please contact me before ordering .

€ 120,00

Model Bernard Haitink / SOLD
120EUROp voorraad
An exact copy after the original baton of Maestro Haitink,wich i had in my atelier for quit a time.
[thx to mr Wout Claessens and mr Bart Claessens,principal trombene player at the Royal Concertgebouworchestra}

This baton is turned out of one piece of Birch.
Excelent handling,fine balance.
L 16 inches
wide handlle 28 mm
weight 21 gram

option Laserengraving name ore initials

NB Maestro Ago Verdonkschot{Rotterdams operakoor ea} is the proud owner of this exclusive custom baton
€ 120,00

model Bottesini Sold
120EUROp voorraad
model Bottesini Sold
Artikelnummer BOT 1
Cocobolo Wood
Fiber stift
Sterling Silver mounted
Finish: Polished 
A distinguished baton
options :  laquered handlle
16 inches

nb Maetsro William Linsen is the new owner of this custom baton { as on the photo}
€ 125,00

model Cosima
125EUROp voorraad
model Cosima
Artikelnummer Cos 1
A baton made in the old tradition.
14,5 inches/37 cm
Handle tropical hardwood
Stift European Birchwood
neutral balance

€ 100,00

Model Gianni // SOLD
100EUROp voorraad
Model Gianni // SOLD
Artikelnummer G 1
A classic baton.
Handlle made of beautifull flamed exotic wood.
Stift made of Birchwood.
L baton 16 inches
wide handlle 19 mm
L handlle  67 mm
weight baton = 19 gram
finish handlle Shellawax

option Laserengraving name ore initials
€ 100,00

model Gullia Sold
100EUROp voorraad
model Gullia Sold
Artikelnummer Gull 1
Model Gullia is a handcrafted baton,made of two different wood species.
The stift is made of European Birch,the handle is made of tropical hardwood.
It provides a fine grip.
Measures: length total =34,5 cm/13,5 inches
Handle: length 7 cm 
max diameter = 19 cm.
€ 99,95

Model Maestro Hans Leenders /SOLD
99,95EUROp voorraad
Maestro Hans Leenders asked me to make a custom baton for his directing uses.
The Maestro was looking for a very special baton,with a Fiber stift.
It had to be small,with a special balance...he did not like a neutral balance ,but a baton that would
tend to fall downwords at the one,ore first beat .
So i made this special baton for mr. Leenders.
Handlle laminate padouk and Lindewood.
L 20 cm
Fiber stift
balance options : neutral ore like the baton i made for Maestr Leenders..tendency to fall a bit
downwords  at the first count.
€ 125,00

model modeste { sold to a client in New Taipeh City,Taiwan}
125EUROp voorraad
The Modeste model is a chique baton.
Light in weigt.
Superb handling.
Stift; carbon
Handle; tropic hardwood
finish:  wax
16 inches

€ 120,00

Model Norbert Nozy / SOLD
120EUROp voorraad
Model Norbert Nozy / SOLD
Artikelnummer NN 1
Maestro Nozy asked me to make a custom baton for him.
This model is a copy,simular to the ones i builded for him.
A thrue souvereign baton.
Made of astonishing Surninam Snakewood,wich i imported from Suriname.
Snakewood ,also called letterhout is named after the skinpattern of a snake..and is used aswell in the making of bows for String instuments,and then mostly in the Gold class,the best bows a bowmaker has in 
in his atelier.

NB All model  Norbert Nozy  copys are sold.
If you would like to order a Norbert Nozy model ,ill have to make it for you
in this case it,s best if you would contact me by mail ore phone 00316 39219505
€ 0,00

Royal Baton
0EUROp voorraad
Royal Baton
Artikelnummer R B 1
This baton is designed especially for the inaugaration of his majesty King Willem- Alexander off The Netherlands.
By order off the Roal Military Band Johan Willem Friso,and was used by Maj. arnold Span on the recording session off the cd"Under the eye off The King{onder het oog Des Konings}with the official Kroningsmars Koning Willem Alexander,A composition made for the occasion by Mr Gert Buitenhuis,formal director off The Dutch Navy Band{marinierskapel der kon. marine}  
It,s made off beautifull  west african Cocobolo wood and has an golden inlay.
It,s property off his Majesty the King.
The baton box with inscription is made{ craftsman Johan Weghorst off Giannidarco batons }off the finest Indonesian Padoek wood,as a remInder off Hollands kolonial heritage.
The Dutch Royal Familee has a tight bond with Africa aswell as Indonesia.
This baton is a  thrue masterpiece ,and it was an great honor to get the order from the Dutch military music to design and manufacture this `Royal Baton"
This baton is truly unique,due to the fact that there is only one on the world.
€ 120,00

Salieri exclusive SOLD
120EUROp voorraad
Salieri exclusive SOLD
Artikelnummer S/E

A custom baton as in the old days.
Comes with a black graphite stift.
On the photo you can se 2 Salieri exlusive models.
One comes with a white point.
The other model comes with a messing facet.
Both batons are made of exclusive tropic wood for the handlle.
Neutral balance.
option: laserengraving your initials ore name.

€ 0,00

Model Maestro Tijmen Botma
0EUROp voorraad
This custom baton is made for Major Tijmen Botma,chef dirigent for the KMKJWF-
The wood for the handle is imported from Australia.
The stift is fitted in a Ebben wood facet.
In the handle is the signature of maestro Botma laserengraved.
Note: this baton is exclusively designed and made for Maestro Botma,and is not availeble.