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Royal Baton
Royal Baton
This baton is designed especially for the inaugaration of his majesty King Willem- Alexander off The Netherlands.
By order off the Roal Military Band Johan Willem Friso,and was used by Maj. arnold Span on the recording session off the cd"Under the eye off The King{onder het oog Des Konings}with the official Kroningsmars Koning Willem Alexander,A composition made for the occasion by Mr Gert Buitenhuis,formal director off The Dutch Navy Band{marinierskapel der kon. marine}  
It,s made off beautifull  west african Cocobolo wood and has an golden inlay.
It,s property off his Majesty the King.
The baton box with inscription is made{ craftsman Johan Weghorst off Giannidarco batons }off the finest Indonesian Padoek wood,as a remInder off Hollands kolonial heritage.
The Dutch Royal Familee has a tight bond with Africa aswell as Indonesia.
This baton is a  thrue masterpiece ,and it was an great honor to get the order from the Dutch military music to design and manufacture this `Royal Baton"
This baton is truly unique,due to the fact that there is only one on the world.
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