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Baton Aluminio Annidizato/sold
Baton Aluminio Annidizato/sold
A custom made baton.
Handle : Aluminium
Stift :Fiber
Finish handle; annodized {geannodiseerd}
Facet: the stift is placed in a Ebbenwood facet.
Messing facet in the backside of the aluminium handle.
Optie :laserengraving name ,initials,ore text in the handle.

This baton is made for master in music maestro Jos Peperkamp {Suisse}

NB : I have on aluminium handle in stock,with a black delrin ring turned in the handle for extra grip
a laserengraving is possible,a stift according to your personal wishes can be mounted.
You can chooce between a messing facet for the backsite of the handle,ore a black Delrin facet for the backside of the hanle.
please contact me before ordering .

Prijs € 115,00

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